4 Week Course


This is a 4 week course with the author on a Private Zoom Link as he goes through each chapter with a private audience. Includes Gods Code for Business Book, Zoom Video with Q&A and Special Guests

  • Private Mentorship
  • Understanding Your Gifts and Purposes
  • Can God Bless through you?
Author: Ronald Nair


4 Week Course Includes the Following 

  • Copy of the Book / Ebook
  • 4-5 Week x 1 Hour Private Zoom Lesson (Mentorship Programme with the Author)
  • Interact with other people during Zoom chat and Breakout Sessions
  • Discover God in Business
  • Discover your Purpose in Business.
  • Bonus Content – Interviews with Guest Speaker
  • Unlock the God Code for Business.

In “God’s Code for Success” we unlock the code behind success. We take a look at the importance of Rivers, rivers provide correction, protection, and direction. Rivers represent life. We flow through a series of scriptures to unlock a road map to success. We answer all the questions below and much more. This is going to shift you into a new dimension

What is the importance of the Pishon, Gihon, Tigris, and Euphrates Rivers?
What can we learn from Joseph, King Solomon, and Gideon? “And God Blessed Them” What does Blessed mean? Does God want you to prosper? Why is Unity Important? What was Eden?


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