Ronald Nair

Ronald Nair is Co-founder with his wife Cindy Nair of Affluence Magazine, one of the leading luxury publications in Africa. He is the founder of the Affluence Black Polo event in KZN, Durban South Africa. He runs bespoke events to the high net and ultra net worth individuals in South Africa combined with some of the finest leading luxury brands. He is called to influence the marketplace.

He runs multiple talk shows on various platforms tackling issues that divide many and finds strategic ways for common ground. He is the glue between luxury brands and consumers. He has a love for God and eagerly on the forefront to see the Kingdom of God firmly established in the earth as it is in Heaven. He sees himself as a student of life and lives by the quote “ What you magnify will stand out to you” proudly African, father to three boys, husband to one wife, and a loyal friend to many.